Change for Life

Make a lasting impact with your loose change.

Video to Share

Share this video with your congregation or small group to share with them what Change for Life entails!

Church Page

Access your church Change for Life page easily through this link!

Get in Touch

Connect with our team to learn more about hosting a Change for Life campaign with your church or small group!

What is Change for Life?

Obria would like to come alongside you and give you the opportunity to honor those men and women who strive to build a family but do not have the means to do so.  65% percent of Obria moms are single moms and 69% percent of Obria patients live below the national poverty line. Many Obria patients have lived in generational poverty and are trying to break the cycle. 

Christina, a patient, describes Obria as SUPPORT.  Support that changed her whole family.  During her visit, she received a free pregnancy test and free ultrasound.   She was given the truth in love. She was provided evidence-based medical information by licensed medical staff.  She was empowered to choose Life because Obria provides her the resources and support she needs.  

Would you consider helping Obria help moms and dads choose life by simply asking your church family or small groups to fill baby bottles with loose change, dollar bills, or checks? 

How It Works

  1. Let Us Know You're In!
    • Please let us know that your church / small groups will participate by emailing Kristin at 
  2. We'll Drop Off Bottles & Create Your Unique Page
    • We will contact you to schedule a good time for an Obria staff member to drop off the bottles at church. 
    • We will create your digital Baby Bottle page and send you the link to share!
  3. Kick Off the Campaign!
    • Show the short video clip (Linked HERE) on Mother's Day. This will explain the need for the campaign and how it works! 
  4. Distribute Bottles to Your Congregation
    • Share your link & pass out the bottles provided by Obria to your church family / small groups and Sunday during the month of May.
  5. Collect Filled Bottles
    • Ask them to fill the bottles and return them to your church on Father's Day. 
    • Call us to pick up the full bottles. (No need for you to empty them!)