Hearing the Truth.


Allie, a 15-year old, came to Obria determined to end her pregnancy. She was not sure how far along she was, and did not know much about abortion, in general.  One of our nurse staff, Deadra, sat with Allie and talked with her about her options, including the abortion pill. Allie was shocked.  She brought up her faith with her Patient Care Advocate, Julie, and they spent time talking together about the Lord.  Allie asked for a Bible before her ultrasound. 

Her ultrasound showed a sweet baby that was 10 weeks and 2 days along, Allie was so excited to see her baby. As we began to review her options knowing how far along the baby was, she stopped us.  “That information won’t be necessary, I’ve changed my mind and I am keeping my baby,” Allie said. 

She shared with our team, she thought we could provide her an abortion but knew God brought her to us to hear the truth, get support, and have a minute to think about her decision.  She is know receiving full prenatal care with Obria.