The impact of an ultrasound.

Isabela first came to Obria in February of 2023, having received a positive pregnancy test at home. She was undecided about what to do with her pregnancy, but her boyfriend, Michael, wanted to have an abortion. Our medical team confirmed her pregnancy, but at the time there was not a heartbeat.

Isabela and Michael were both terrified of being parents – Michael’s father was not a good dad, and he was worried about making the same mistakes with his child.

During our initial appointment with Isabela, she let us know that she had already scheduled an abortion for 5 days later. BUT they decided to come back the day before that appointment for another ultrasound at Obria.

When they returned for the second ultrasound, their baby had a heartbeat – making them ineligible for an abortion in Georgia. The couple was still undecided, and came back for a third ultrasound a little over a week later when they officially decided to parent! Isabela started prenatal care here at Obria, joined our Thrive program, and she had her sweet baby girl in October!

When our team talked with her after the delivery and asked how she was doing, Isabela said “We are good!! She is so beautiful. I’m in love with her.” She was so excited to bring her baby girl to meet us at her 2 week postpartum appointment, and we can’t wait to see her again at her next follow up appointment! Isabela will continue in the Thrive program, and we are looking forward to seeing how she continues to learn and grow as a new mama.