Lessons Learned, a Life Changed

One late afternoon, I was trying to wrap things up in my office, when I heard the back door chime.  I was talking with another staff person, and both of us went to the door.  It wasn’t time for classes or shopping but in walked a former client with many bags full of gently used clothing.  She said “I can’t quit giving back to a place that has meant so much to me as well as my family.  When I first came here, I was on the brink of my marriage failing. Our finances had hit a critical low and employment opportunities were very limited.  Then I found myself pregnant; and because of my failing marriage, I was strongly considering abortion.  My tears and state of depression made my situation evident to my doctor.  He gave me a phone number and said this place could help me.  I was expecting the help to include all options, including abortion perhaps Planned Parenthood– but the number I was given was the number for the PRCG.  A quick appointment, confirmation of pregnancy and a free ultrasound made me realize I did have options.  After the caring support of the ladies here at the center, I chose life for my baby and I entered the Hope Program.  Through the Bible Studies and the Marriage Classes, I began to put into practice what I learned.  I began reading my Bible, and praying before meals, and God did a work on my whole family.  My husband started reading the Bible too and now instead of angry words exchanged between us, our children are hearing us pray and reading the Bible.  They are seeing us model Christ-like behavior, and my marriage is completely healed and my family restored.  Thank you to the center for providing classes that impacted my life, my marriage, and my family.  I’ll never quit giving back to this ministry.”   I thanked her and as she left I was overcome with emotion about how God had mightily moved in her life.  As I was walking back to my office to pack things up to go home, the back door chimed again.  I thought she must have forgotten something – but no, it was another client.  She said “this place has changed my life and God told me to give back.  In fact He told me to give you $100.  You know I don’t have much money – but I want to give back to an organization that has blessed my life so much.  The lessons I am learning through the Hope Program are life changing.  Thank you for what you do. “  I saw both of these encounters as affirmations from our heavenly Father.  Sometimes, we question whether or not what we are doing is truly making a difference.  God clearly showed us that it is.