A Transformation Unfolding

Shantelle* visited Obria for a pregnancy test and at the onset of the appointment, she appeared very guarded and distant. She did not have much to say and it was difficult for our team to converse with her. 

If pregnant, Shantelle intended on having an abortion. The result of the pregnancy test came back negative, yet she stated she did not feel any real reassurance with the negative test. One of our nurses thoroughly explained every pregnancy option as well as abortion procedures. The more she explained, the more we saw a dropping of Shantelle’s defenses. 

Shantelle then commented that she didn’t know why she was even making the choices she was making regarding relationships and that she did identify as a Christian and knew she needed to get right with God. 

Our Patient Care Manager remained in the consultation room with Shantelle after the nurse left and they proceeded to talk “life stuff.” Shantelle was very receptive and very talkative. A definite shift in her demeanor had occurred. 

Shantelle was offered a 21-day devotion that covered one’s identity in Christ and God’s plan for sex within marriage, among other topics. She eagerly accepted the devotion materials and then we recommended our life coaching program before her appointment concluded. 

We are intentional about following up with our patients and our Patient Care Manager tried three times to follow up with Shantelle. She was unsuccessful each time. Then weeks later, Shantelle texted our clinic number and we followed up with her again. 

When our staff finally spoke with her, Shantelle raved about the devotion, saying, “It changed my life!” and expressed interest in our life coaching program. 

Shantelle recently began life coaching and it has been amazing to watch the transformation from the beginning of her first pregnancy test appointment to now. God has gotten ahold of this young woman and we are eager to watch how He continues to transform her life! 

*The name of this patient has been changed to protect her identity.