COVID Can’t Keep Us Apart

In spite of current social restrictions, two of our Thrive moms with back-to-back Baby Boutique shopping appointments found space to reconnect on the steps of Obria Medical Clinics. While the second mom shopped, Patient Care Manager, Angela Churillo, sat on the clinic steps catching up with the first mom who had just completed her shopping. When the second mom came out, the three of them basked in the joy of shared laughter and swapped stories.  

Needing to return to work, Angela left the two moms on the steps. 45 minutes later, they were still on the steps talking. Seeing them, Angela snuck out to snap a picture.

We typically make it a point to sit outside and catch up with our Baby Boutique shoppers when they pick up their orders. We have had as many as three or four moms plus staff connecting outside on our stairs (with masks on, of course). We miss seeing our shoppers inside the boutique but we are doing our best to stay connected!

Community building is one of the hallmarks of the Thrive program. We believe that this is the greatest factor contributing to its success. Despite a pandemic, these two ladies have demonstrated that if there is a will, there is a way.