Being Brave

Tamara* came to us on a rainy Tuesday night and was very dejected. Her world had fallen apart. At the time of her first visit, she had two young children and was pregnant with her third child. She came to the United States as a refugee from a hurricane and she met her American husband here.

They were having challenges understanding each other’s cultures, which included her husband being very suspicious of her male friendships.

When she became pregnant with her third child, her husband kicked her out because he thought the baby could not be his. However, Tamara had not been unfaithful to her husband.

We prayed with Tamara and talked with her in depth about her situation. She became involved in our Thrive program and she completed a Bible study called “Brave” about being brave in the face of adversity. She told us, “That’s exactly what I needed to hear.”

She began fervently praying for her marriage and meanwhile, her husband was standing firm in his decision.

It came time for our monthly Thrive class and Robin Mauck was the speaker. She spoke about the five love languages and personality types and how those can impact relationships.

Tamara approached us at the class and said, “My husband’s in the car. May I bring him in?”

He came inside and participated in the class. They later reunited and now they are working on their relationship.

Tamara and her husband are also enrolled in our life coaching sessions as they prepare for the birth of their third child.

*The name of this patient has been changed to protect her identity.