Divine Appointment

“A” recently visited Obria with her boyfriend for pregnancy testing and consultation. This story is told by one of our volunteer Patient Care Advocates who met with “A.”

When I called her back for her pregnancy consultation, she appeared very down and burdened. When we settled in the Consultation Room, I asked her what was wrong. She said that her boyfriend wanted her to have an abortion and she didn’t want to. “A” had already experienced one abortion in her past and she felt very guilty about it. She said that with this pregnancy, her boyfriend was on board with parenting the baby at first. Now he had changed his mind but she really wanted this child.

I felt as if I was sitting with myself at 21 years old. I went through with an abortion that I didn’t want but my boyfriend at the time did. I was able to share with “A” what I had learned through that experience not only about myself, but also about God.

I asked her about her faith background. She said she was raised with Christianity and had accepted Christ as her Savior. I was able to talk to her about that and about who God was – was her God her boyfriend or was it Christ? We continued to talk with each other and prayed before the boyfriend was brought back to the appointment.

Later the nurse showed them the video about the baby’s development. He began crying, with tears pouring down his cheeks. He was a strong, tough man but he was breaking. After the video, we discussed some of the things “A” and I had talked and prayed about. He was very quiet and continued to cry through it all. I prayed for them again at the end of the consultation appointment.

“A” went with our sonographer for an ultrasound while the boyfriend waited in another room. One of our nurses heard sniffling in the room he was waiting in. She went into the room to ask him if he was okay. He told her that he had come in with an abortion mindset but that he was changing his mind. He was eventually called back to the ultrasound room.

“A” later had a follow up ultrasound and she expressed to our sonographer that she is excited for this baby. She also made a consultation appointment for Thrive, our education and material resource program.

It’s amazing to see how God arranged for this Patient Care Advocate to meet with this specific patient. Their stories were so similar and God arranged this divine appointment so perfectly.