We recently enjoyed a visit from a previous patient. She came to bring some donations and to say “hello.” She had her soon-to-be 3-year-old son with her, and was so excited to be able to share her gratefulness in hugs and in a tangible way with donations.

She was not a young mother when she came to us at our old location, and had struggled to get pregnant. Sally, our Clinical Manager, was able to do her first ultrasound, which she recalled as seeing just the yolk sac: “He was just a little circle!” There were some complications with his kidneys that were discovered during her pregnancy and during her recent visit, she related how thankful she was to have the support and prayers of our staff during that time.

She joined our education program and was faithful throughout the pregnancy and while he was an infant. She was so thankful for those resources at that time as well. It was so beautiful to connect with her again and see that sweet little boy!