Don’t Miss Your Chance

Our lives are busy! They’re full of kids, car pool, soccer practice and church gatherings. We are pulled here and there and everywhere it seems, while still missing out on something. We feel inadequate, we feel rushed, we feel used, yet we still go about doing the same thing everyday while adding more things to our already overflowing plates.

In my experiences, God often reminds me to Be Still. To rest in Him and he will direct my path.

By being still, sometimes this means saying no to someone or to something. It means changing your schedule. It sometimes means eliminating something you thought was important and adding something God deems          important to Him.

We often hear people say, “I could never talk with someone in crisis” or “How do you do what you do” and the answer is, we can’t do those things either. We do it because God gives us the courage, the wisdom and the words in each moment. He gives us the compassion, the mercy and hope to share with the patients we encounter.

Is He calling? Is He calling you to lay down your cross and follow Him into the unknown of pregnancy clinic ministry? Is He calling you to smile as our receptionist or love on women in our baby store? Maybe He is leading you to teach a class to families or even sit with a girl who just found out her world is changing and doesn’t know how to take her next breath. Maybe He is telling you to say no to one thing and a YES to Him.