Balancing God’s Grace and Truth

My first exposure to abortion was during my college years. A friend from high school wrote a letter to tell me that she had gotten pregnant by her boyfriend. She was advised by her doctor to have an abortion because he felt her health was at risk. I responded to her letter and expressed by opposition to abortion. That was the last communication we had for many years and I wonder now if I came across as self righteous. As believers we struggle to balance God’s grace and His truth.

I started volunteering at the PRCG in the Summer of 2011. My oldest daughter got married that summer and my youngest was headed to college in the fall, so I needed to fill some of my time. I have always believed that abortion grieves God’s heart and being the mother of 3 daughters, I also realized that there could come a time when I was faced with the possibility of dealing with this issue personally.

The PRCG gives me the opportunity to love on women during desperate times and I also know the clinic strives to share medical truth and the gospel with each patient that is served!

– A note from a volunteer receptionist