Pro-Life Rebuttals to Pro-Choice Rhetoric

Talking about a very sensitive and controversial issue such as abortion can quickly take a turn for the worst. This is one very “hot” topic that can go from 0-60 within seconds. The majority of the time we have our own talking points and focus on getting those across without truly listening to the individual and their point of view. While having factual talking points and statistics are important, we need to take a step back and listen as the other side makes their case and conveys their feelings. This will create a relationship with them, therefore opening the door to conversation vs. arguments.

Ask questions. Get to know why they support the abortion issue. This will create a dialogue that won’t turn into a heated argument. It would be pointless to jump into your pro-life views without understanding what made this particular person take their personal stand. The purpose of asking questions isn’t to trap the other person, but to help them think through their issues on the topic.

I think abortion should be legal because women who’ve been raped shouldn’t have to carry a pregnancy that isn’t wanted.

Statistically less than 1% of abortions are performed on women who have been raped or impregnated due to incest. Rape and incest are acts of violence in which the woman bears no responsibility, but an abortion is an act of violence in which she would be morally responsible. Abortion is not a healing or compassionate procedure for the mother or her child, and will not erase the sexual assault she endured. It would add to the emotional, physical and psychological distress she may already be experiencing.
A woman, violated in a sexual assault should be surrounded by love and support. The man who performed this assault must be punished to the fullest extent of the law, but this does not mean the innocent child, who is guilty of no crime, deserves death by being aborted.
The violent act of abortion is not a good solution to the violent act of a sexual assault!

Abortions are safe, legal and rare, and should stay that way.

Safe- Since the start of 2017 (January-April) there have been over 26 women sent to the emergency room that we know of. In the last 13 months, Planned Parenthood has sent over 20 women to the emergency room due to abortion complications.

Rare- In 2014, 926,240 known abortions took place in the United States. Planned Parenthood, who currently has 650 operating clinics, performed over 323,000 of those abortions. 42% of unintended pregnancies end in abortion. This isn’t rare.

It’s her body, it’s her choice. No one can tell her what she can and can’t do with her own body.

Science has proven that the heart starts beating at 21 days, at 8 weeks brain waves can be detected and by 12 weeks all the major organs are present and functioning. A high percentage of abortions take place between the 7-12th week.

Definition of Personhood: the quality or condition of being an individual person.
Definition of Individual: a single human being as distinct from a group, class, or family.
Definition of DNA: the fundamental and distinctive characteristics or qualities of someone or something, especially when regarded as unchangeable.

The right to “ bodily autonomy” doesn’t give us the right to extinguish a life.To abort an embryo or fetus who, scientifically is proven to be alive because of the presence of its heartbeat, brainwaves, vital organs, etc., a woman is infringing upon that human being’s right to their own bodily autonomy by having an abortion to extinguish their life, which infringes upon their right to life as written in the constitution.

An individual can’t kill, sexually assault, steal from, or abuse another person without punishment, a woman cannot justly stop the beating heart of a unborn child for any reason, because to do so would infringe upon that human baby’s right not only to life, but to bodily autonomy.

As you encounter these conversations, know your response, demeanor and words will make all the difference. We are already seeing this across the country as abortion clinic workers are leaving the industry DAILY. The tide of acceptance is changing within our culture and more individuals are claiming to be against abortion, especially the millennial generation that has grown up with more scientific evidence of life in the womb than any other generation before them. You have the power to help make this change! Keep fighting the fight!