Prayer of a Nurse

Mark and Mary came to the center for an ultrasound. Mark seemed disengaged – almost ambivalent about what was taking place.  His arms were covered in sleeves of tattoos.  There were piercings everywhere.  The baby and the heartbeat were seen on the ultrasound monitor – but Mark’s countenance showed no change of emotion, and he seemed almost callous.  It was then that the nurse said, “May I pray for you both as well as your baby?  After being granted permission, she bowed her head and began the prayer.  She prayed for both the mother and father by name as well as for that precious life that God had given them.  After the prayer when she lifted her bowed head, she saw streams of tears flooding the face of Mark.  Immediately she thought she had done something to offend him in some way and began apologizing.  Mark shook his head – and said, “No, you have done nothing to offend me.  You prayed for me by name, and my name has never been lifted up in prayer like that ever.”  The callousness was gone.  He engaged in conversation – and in the end, life was chosen for their baby!  God intervened and worked a miracle right there in the ultrasound room using the powerful prayer of a nurse.