The Soccer Player

Beth came in for a pregnancy test. She wanted an abortion because she is in college and didn’t want that to get in the way of achieving her goals. This translates like this; “It is inconvenient for me to have a baby right now”.  This is a very common excuse given and many feel it is a justifiable one.  Her ultrasound was scheduled for the following week. Before she left, one of our staff prayed, “Lord, let her be much further along than originally thought. Let the baby be active and kicking during the ultrasound.” Then, she spoke directly to the baby and said, “Baby, you better fight for your life. Show your mom you’re here.” When Beth returned for the ultrasound the following week, the nurse was astonished at how completely developed the baby looked! The baby was actually eighteen weeks—not ten weeks like we thought.  The baby even held up its hand as if it was waving to its mama. It was kicking so much it was comical, and the sonographer commented, “This baby is going to be a soccer player!” The mama got tears in her eyes and responded, “My boyfriend is a soccer player.” She stated at the end of the appointment that she didn’t want an abortion anymore.  She had met her baby for the first time.