She Chose Life

Ashley, an eighteen-year-old high school student, came to the center for a pregnancy test.  She was very nervous and when asked about her intentions IF she was pregnant, she said without hesitation she would have an abortion before it looks like a baby.  A friend at her school had told her about the abortion pill, and that was going to be her choice of action.  The nurse administered the pregnancy test, and she was estimated to be over nine weeks pregnant.  Then the nurse shared about the prenatal development of her baby as the kinds of abortions are different for each stage of prenatal development.  Ashley was encouraged to tell her mother and father, but she was very reluctant to do this – very afraid of what they would do or say.  The following week, she returned for the ultrasound.  As God would have it, the ultrasound was so clear; and Ashley looked at the monitor with tears in her eyes and whispered, “It is a baby.”  Everyone in that ultrasound room had tears in their eyes.  Ashley was twelve weeks not nine.  The nurse talked with Ashley about the inability now to use the abortion pill as she was too far along in her pregnancy – another God thing!  They also talked again about sharing about her pregnancy with her parents. When Ashley left the center that day, she had a plan!  She went to find her sister and then the two of them would talk with their parents.  Ultimately, she chose life.