When the Road Forks


We recently had a patient who came to us with her mind set on abortion. There were no other options in her book that seemed doable with her situation. She had separated her Christian faith from the “need” she felt to end her pregnancy and just move on with her life.

We discussed all her options and offered her an ultrasound as well as STD/STI testing. We wanted to make sure she didn’t have an active infection that would further compromise her health, whether she continued with the pregnancy or not. She agreed to the testing. As we waited for the results we prayed! We prayed for her home life, for her heart to be changed, that she would gain support from the people around her and ultimately for her baby’s life.

When she returned for the results a week later, she told us she had an abortion scheduled for that day, but she had CHANGED HER MIND! Her demeanor had changed. She was smiling and her face lit up with excitement with new found joy she was experiencing for the life growing in her womb. As she left the clinic, she asked if she was able to join our HOPE classes, and of course we said yes!

God works in ways we will never know!