The Path Less Traveled

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We had a  patient visit us a few weeks ago with a positive pregnancy test. She was strongly considering abortion due to her untimely circumstances. She was married and had 2 children, both under the age of 5. Her husband was a struggling alcoholic and they were on the verge of being evicted from their home. She told us “she felt desperate and had no other choice but abortion”.

Her oldest child just started kindergarten and was already acting out, which the mom believed to be due to their home environment. The teacher had called her to discuss the child’s behavior and it was just a week into the new school year.

Her husband had been attending AA but continued to stumble back to his dangerous habit. Due to his drinking problems, hiding money, and possible eviction, she didn’t feel like she could trust her husband.

We reviewed the booklet that we share with our patients discussing the facts on abortion and she became very emotional. We discussed God’s love and His plan for her life, even in the midst of these troubling times she was experiencing.

We were encouraged to hear that she attends a church regularly, so we prompted her to talk with a pastor about their situation, but also gave her some resources in the community that might be of help.

We shared the importance of having an ultrasound before proceeding with a final decision and to call us with any questions in the meantime. As God would have it, our Patient Care Advocate who was paired with this particular patient, had also experienced a husband who was an alcoholic. Even in the midst of heartache and uncertainty, God always shines through!